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Do you like competition? You’ve come to the right place! The Winners Wire offers free and paid contests. It’s easy to join and participate in our horse racing contests. Create your free account on the forums by visiting Once you become a member, you can start posting picks and join in on the banter with other horse racing fans.

We play both harness and thoroughbred racing and run quarterly competitions for awards as well as our popular $5 Buy In contests. We have the friendliest community of horse racing fans around. We do not tolerate poor behavior, and our main goal is for everyone to have fun competing against each other.

Each quarter we run contests for highest win percentage, highest ROI, highest best bet win percentage and highest best bet ROI. We race 3 night’s a week for harness and 2 days per week for thoroughbred.

Full Racing Schedule
Harness: Thursday and Saturday
Thoroughbred: Saturday and Sunday

Q1 (January through March) Tracks
Thursday: Yonkers Raceway – Post 7:10 PM EST
Saturday: Meadowlands – Post 7:15 PM EST

Q3 (April through June) Tracks
Saturday: Various tracks – Post 12:00 to 1:30 PM EDT
Sunday: Various tracks – Post 12:00 to 1:30 PM EDT

See the entire contest line up here.

Once you become a registered member of the forums, you can browse around or visit our Winners Wire News forum to learn about rules for the many contests we run.

Have questions? Email Cam or FPL or leave a Private Message inside the forums.