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1st. #5 Vivacious Allie 5/1ML— Very evenly matched field of first starters. She dug in well in her last qualifier, and gets John Campbell in the bike on his last night of driving in his career. 5-1-2

2nd. #2 Be Bop Sally 9/5ML— Not much to go on with these 2 year old filly trotters. She appears to be faster than anyone in this field. My best advice is to watch the post parade really closely here. I know I will be watching to see if anyone stands out in a good way or bad way.  2-6-1

3rd. #2 War Cry Hall 9/2ML—  Another tough race, looking for a little value here. Took heavy tote action last start with Dave Miller and never fired. With the change to Hechkoff , I am expecting decent odds here. He does fit well with this field.  2-6-7-5

4th. #7 Hurrikane Shorty 5/2ML— Coming off a very nice baby race, in a very quick mile. Likely headed to the front here, and might never be headed. I want to mention #3 Michelle’s Jazz as a possible play underneath.  She got forced a bit wide, but she still closed well. Gets a big driver change to JC tonight.  7-3-5-2

5th. #7 Muscle High 3/1ML— He broke his maiden last start, and looked very good in doing so. He appears to be a few seconds faster than any of these. If he minds his manners, he is likely to repeat last week’s victory.  7-4-5-2

6th. #6 Muscle Diamond 3/1ML— Drops into the easiest spot he has seen in a very long time. Loved this horse before I seen this was John Campbell’s last drive of his career. If he goes to the lead, he will likely get to walk around the track. If he comes from behind tonight, there will likely be fast fractions. Either way, I find it hard to see this horse losing tonight unless he breaks.  6-10-4-9

7th. 1 Evelyn/1A Clitzey Gal 3/1ML— Two horses for the price of one, is always an angle I like. Both horses have a chance in here, I like the driver change on Evelyn. Gingras could  wake her up tonight. Glitzey Gal likes this oval, and likely will be racing near the front end tonight with Dave Miller. 1-2-8-3

8th. #4 Nutcracker Sweet 5/2ML— Takter appears to have another nice youngster here. He came home very strongly in his last baby race.  4-7-2-5

9th. #7 Rock Me Baby 4/1ML—  I love this horse tonight. She paced out of her skin in her last race over at Pocono. CC never asked her for anything, and she won easily in 150.4. Everyone will be on PenPal in here, as she takes a huge drop in class. Caution though, be careful as Penpal doesn’t have much early speed and Pat Lachance usually drives very passive. 7-8-9-1

10th. #10 Lauderdale 7/2ML— I am not sure when the last time this horse was in this cheap. Anything near his best, and he will cruise here, even from post 10. Likely headed to the lead or the pocket trip tonight.  10-4-9-6


Best Bet of the night

9th. #7 Rock Me Baby 4/1ML

Strong plays

5th. #7 Muscle High 3/1ML

6th. #6 Muscle Diamond 3/1ML

10th. #10 Lauderdale 7/2ML

Good luck tonight everyone!!