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Winners Wire End of Quarter Update

Hey Wire Gang!

October is now upon us, as Q3 has drawn to a close. Let’s look back at the competition from the past three months, and celebrate the top performers in both circuits.

Sponsored/Buy In Combo Contests

The bread and butter of The Winners Wire are, and always have been, the weekly buy-ins. They were a great success this quarter as always, with the bulk attracting double digit players playing in contests. They were exciting and pushed engagement as always, and were played across a variety of both harness and thoroughbred venues. Next quarter we will be continuing them, as they’re the core and the staple of our community. Thank you to all of the players who sponsored contests this quarter! You guys help make the site awesome, and your generosity sets a great example for other players.

We have held three buy-ins since the last newsletter went out, let’s briefly recount them. First up, we played at Yonkers on the 16th. Eleven players participated, in a relatively tough card for Yonkers. The high number of wins on the night was five from both WinHarness and Cam. Mark had the performance of the night, on the back of a huge payout in the eleventh. Next was Pocono on the 23rd. We drew nine players, and there were some races to be won. Cam and WinHarness both had six wins, and a few others had five. It was very close, and WinHarness would walk away with the close win. Lastly, this past Saturday we held another buy-in at Pocono. This would be another battle of attrition, with low scores across the board. Nobody would post more than three winners on the card. Zwiebel would be the one to come out on top, with two big double-digit wins, leading her to a victory in a war in the trenches. Congratulations Gooch, Mark, and Victoria on your wins in contests!

The weekly buy-ins weren’t the only nightly contests we held. We had a special $10 entry at the Big M on August 5th. It was a very solid pot, with ten players, as well as a $25 kick-in from Zwiebel. The occasion was Hambletonian, the 92nd such edition of the first leg of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters. It was a 16-race card, and through the first eight races, wins were very hard to come by. 5Star led with 4/8, and nobody else had more than two wins to that point in the card. In the 9th, The Fixer began his charge in the 9th with a strong win. He had already accumulated $49 across the board in the first half, but in the second half, with back-to-back wins to close out the night, he earned $68.40, giving him $117.40 enough to beat the next highest scorer by $29.80. Frankie walked away with the big win.

The next week, we held our weekly contest in Illinois, on the occasion of the Arlington Million. This contest garnered 11 players as participants, with The Fixer kicking in $25 to the pot. 5Star started off strong with a hit in the first, and would build a strong lead, winning four of the first five races, three of which paid double-digit figures to win. It was looking close, but then Shenanigans blew up the leaderboard with a massive hit in the 8th, that would put her out of reach from the field. 5Star and Tiger Rose – who rounded out the final top three – would put up admirable performances, both finishing well over $100, but Shenan‘s ridiculous total of $197.90 across-the-board prevented it from being competitive. This time Dora had the huge victory.

Following was another fun one, huge contest at Saratoga. The occasion this time, the storied Travers Day competition. We got twelve players to participate, for a total pot of $120. Zwiebel grabbed first place early, and would be the player to beat for the first four. A big, big hit by Valboro in the fifth gave him the lead, which he’d hold until LAP took control in the eighth. A few would come close again – Zwiebel and Valboro making another run, as well as Cam and FPL – but LAP put it away with two wins and two places in the final four races. He would finish with a $97.70 total across the board, nearly forty dollars clear of his closest competitor.

Last but not least, we played at Yonkers on September 2nd. Ten players participated, on the occasion of two major races: The Yonkers Trot and Messenger Stakes – both legs of the respective Triple Crowns of Harness Racing, for Trotters and Pacers. There was terrific racing up and down the card, with a good number of races with large purses. There were some standout performances – Real Q was the runner up with $82.90 and five wins and several others close behind, but the story of the night was LAP. He dominated with 7 wins for $123.30, over fifty dollars (!!!) clear of the field. Another terrific showing by Larry.

Ongoing Contests

The single-night competitions are the heart of the Wire experience, but as per usual, we’ve had a score of ongoing contests that last for weeks.

First, we finished the final contest of Q2, and got off to a quick beginning to Q3. We stuck with a formula for success, playing our ongoing contests during our Thursday cards. We finished off King of the Hill a couple weeks back. The final two players standing – Real Q and The Fixer – both had emerged as the class of the competition, and there was much anticipation for the championship match. It was a battle fought in the trenches at Mohawk, a low-scoring affair. For the card, The Fixer closed with two wins, three places; Real Q had one win, but five places, and would edge out the victory with a total of $29.70-$25.80.

We followed that up with the popular Players Challenge. We headed into the finale at Mohawk, with four players  having a reasonable chance to walk away with the title: WinHarness (39 points), AceTime (37 points),  LAP_520 (31 points), and Cam (29 points). The closing score would be close, with both WinHarness and AceTime earning eight points apiece. In our closest Player’s Challenge yet, Paul would edge out Archie.

Our latest competition, which has been met with a very positive reception, is the TBred Ladder Contest. This has been an exciting new format that has led to a bunch of close matchups, some being nail-baiters. The most recent card in the competition was this past Saturday at Belmont. This Saturday, we will see the finalists in the loser bracket – WinHarness and Tiger Rose – square off for the right to play Real Q, who came out on top of the winner bracket, for the title. Best of luck guys!


We have two months to review, and one month to award. In July, FPL came out on top of the harness circuit, with a $2.29 ROI and 30.69% winning percentage. Mark was the best tbred player, clinching the award with a 39.39% win percentage to lead everybody, and a strong $2.23 ROI. In August, Mark would take the harness award with figures of $2.44 and 36.63%, but we had no qualifiers for the tbred circuit.

With September behind us, we’re now pleased to announced two new winners. The final Harness HOTM for Q3, goes to Cam. His $1.74 ROI and 34.29% win percentage led the field, in a month in which wins and pays were hard to come by. As for the Thoroughbreds, WinHarness was the top player in September, with a $2.25 ROI and a 35.42% win percentage, both number one for all players. Congratulations Frankie and Gooch!


Last but certainly not least, we’re going to touch on the popular weekly NFL buy-ins. These have been a resounding success so far, with double-digit players being the standard each week, on top of solid pots and close finishes. In our last newsletter, we announced Jack as the winner of the first week of the buy-in. He put up a strong four win performance, and closed it out in the tiebreaker.

Since then, we’ve had three more Sunday buy-ins. Week 2 was another close one, also going to the tiebreaker. Both Oneg and Marvman stacked five wins, and Oneg would edge it out in the tiebreaker. In Week 3, 5Star put together a perfect lineup, going 6-0, clinching it even before his final game. This most recent edition, for Week 4, we had a ridiculous five man tiebreaker, after all of Boss Hoss, Tamaharbor, Oneg, Jack, and 5Star went 4-2. Tamaharbor would walk away with the victory with the best prediction for the over/under on Monday Night, closing out the competition.

We will be continuing these contests into Q4, and the thread for Week 5 is already up, so check it out, and give it a shot!

Without further ado, let’s move on into the awards ceremony for Q3…

Harness Handicapping Award Winners

Top Handicapper

Mark – 34.74%, $1.94 “Excellent showing this quarter Mark, you came out on top! Best of luck in Q4, you’re going to be the man to beat!”

Highest ROI

Mark – $1.94 “Awesome job, you ended up sweeping both of these categories! Tremendous performance, especially holding on given how tough a month September was! WTG!”

Best Bet Highest Win Percentage

Cam – 64.00% “Dominant showing, the class of the field in this category. You had a very strong performance with your best bets – if anybody was betting your bolded picks this quarter, he or she would come out way ahead. Congratulations!”

Best Bet Highest ROI

FPL – $2.92 “Great showing in this category! This is an impressive ROI, nice job of finding good pays on the card during the quarter!”

Most Improved Player

This quarter, honors go to Real Q. In Q2, he had a $1.56 ROI and 23.83% win percentage. In Q3, he jumped all the way up to $1.96 and 29.35%. Congratulations Peter, great improvement this quarter!

Thoroughbred Handicapping Award Winners

Top Handicapper

The Fixer – 26.11%, $1.91 “The thoroughbreds are tough – very, very tough – but you had a very strong showing this quarter, and came out on top of the field. Outstanding performance Frankie, best of luck in Q4!”

Highest ROI

The Fixer – $1.91 “You earn the sweep, since you had not only the highest ROI of players above 25%, but had an ROI that led *all* players who had the requisite number of starts. Awesome job securing the ‘double’ this quarter!”

Best Bet Highest Win Percentage

Cam – 61.90% “How about that! You lead in win percentage on best bets for both circuits this quarter. Both times with ROIs well north of $2.00! Take a bow, Frankie!”

Best Bet Highest ROI

Cam – $2.35 “You end up sweeping both of these categories, and three of four of the best bet categories over all. What a dominant showing!”

Congratulations to players earning awards in Q3 2017!

All stats are complete, and all awards will be handed out this week. Q4 should be even more immersive, if you have any suggestions, don’t be afraid! Contact Cam, WinHarness, or FPL, and let us know what you want to try! We want to make the Wire fun and exciting for everybody!

Thank you to all players for making the Wire awesome – time to begin Q4 with a bang!!!

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