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Winners Wire End of Quarter Update

Hey Wire Gang!

We’ve embarked into 2018! Q4 is now in the rearview, let’s take some time to look back and celebrate the last three months on the Wire…

Weekly Buy-In Contests

These are the staple of our competition. Every week our players come together, typically with entries numbering in the double-digits, and the field competes for the buy-in pot. Generally played at harness venues, but the third week of the month we play on the thoroughbred circuit. Towards the end of this quarter, we tried a couple new ideas out, and both were received well:

(1) Player with the highest ROI on Thursdays receives free entries for Saturday’s racing.

(2) A few dollars taken out of the pot to go towards expenses for Past Performances.

We’ll be looking at both early this quarter as we get into the swing of things, as well as looking into other changes to keep things fresh.

Since we last wrote, there have been several buy-ins. Before moving on, let’s take a moment to go through them…

First up, we played at the Meadowlands on Saturday, December 16th. Twelve players entered, for a contest where not many winners were available. Where there were wins though, they had high payouts. The top two players both finished well over $100 ATB ($155.10 and $116.80), and only had four wins apiece. The runner-up 5Star had totaled $60 for his wins, and the winner Zwiebel had $78.80 in hers, and they both each hit on a capped horse to add to the totals, in different races – how about that! Congratulations Victoria on the win, and nice playing Brian.

Next, we played a tbred card at the Aqueduct on December 23rd. As is typical of this time of racing late in the year, it was a battle of attrition with not many wins on the board. Nearly everybody totaled one or two wins, out of the nine races on the card, however the defending champion had another idea. Zwiebel put up four wins for $37.00, which was $79.30 across the board. A little more than half her total the week before, but more than enough to take it away. She would edge out Boss Hoss $79.30-$67.60. You’re on a roll, Victoria!

Lastly, we played at Pompano on December 30th. This card was even shorter than Aqueduct’s the week prior, and though it was tough, WinHarness would win four races on the day. Would that be enough to overtake Zwiebel? It looked like it until the end, but she had a $12.00 winner in the last race that paid $24.20, to give her the lead and her third consecutive victory, edging out Gooch $79.40-$66.20. WTG Victoria, and nice run Paul.

Interestingly enough, we were in a similar position last year, with 5Star finishing the year with three wins to close it out. We’ll be watching Zwiebel to see how long her streak can last. Best of luck to Victoria and everyone else in our buy-ins in Q1 2017!

Ongoing Contests

This past quarter, as per usual, we also held a number of ongoing contests.

First up, we held the TBred Ladder Contest, with its finale Saturday, October 8th at Belmont. Thirteen players originally entered, and we had two separate brackets. Only two players would stand in the end, making it to the finales of their respective brackets. Real Q dominated the winners bracket, and entered the finals after several cards of byes. WinHarness duked it out, and survived several tough weeks in the losers bracket, beating everybody who he went up against to get a shot at Real Q. It was close, with only $2.10 separating the two in the end. Peter ‘Real Q’ would earn the big victory in the contest, with an honorable mention going to Paul ‘WinHarness’ competing week after week in the competition to make it to the finale.

Next was the No Favorite Challenge – eleven players would compete in the exciting new format. Going into the 5th and final day of the competition, the top three in the standings were Zwiebel – $257.80, WinHarness – $256.80, Cam – $255.60. In the final card, several players had strong showings, that would move them up in the leaderboard. Acetime posted $64.00 and moved up to 3rd, Mark posted $73.60 and moved up to 2nd, and lastly, WinHarness would add $65.20 to move from second to first. This time Gooch earned top honors.

We followed up with the popular Team KOTH. It would span four racing cards, with six teams to kick off the first day. Over the course of two weeks we’d bring that to a final head-to-head matchup. At Flamboro on 12/14, the final two teams faced off. Tiger/Acetime would edge out Cam/FPL by a margin of $120.50-$110.30, to win the competition. In an impressive run by Tiger and Acetime were the highest scoring team, in each round. George and Archie emerged as Team KOTH Champions.

Our final contest we began in Q4 is still underway. We’re presently playing the exciting Player’s Challenge. Going into Q1 2018, with 4 out of 9 cards in the books, the standings presently are:

Fixer 22
tie Cam & Acetime 18
FPL 12
Zwiebel 11
Boss Hoss 9
WinHarness  8
Real Q 5
Valboro -1
5Star -6

Nobody is out of it yet, and the thread is already up for Day 5 of the competition. Best of luck to everybody!

Winners Wire 1st Annual Conference

In addition to the exciting competition that make up the usual fare on the Wire, we also held our 1st Annual Winners Wire Conference! Between members and family and friends, nearly a dozen in the Wire crew congregated in Wilkes Barre, PA in mid-October, and it was a blast! Many met each other face-to-face for the first time, and there was tons of fun to be had between the simulcasts, the slots, the tables, and the big dinner together at the terrace. Thank you to everybody who stopped by, it was a load of fun, and we’ll be doing another meet-up soon!


Before we announce the winners of the December HOTM competitions for both circuits, let’s take a moment to remind of the winners from earlier in the quarter:

• October Harness HOTM – FPL ($2.23 ROI, 28.26%)
• October TBred HOTM – WinHarness ($1.83 ROI, 29.67%)
• November Harness HOTM – Tiger Rose ($2.24 ROI, 41.67%)
• November TBred HOTM – Mark ($2.24 ROI, 28.38%)

Now, as for December. On the harness circuit, FPL came out on top with a 32.94% win percentage and $2.20 ROI for the month, narrowly edging out Acetime (32.94%, $2.02) and Tiger (30.67%, $1.95 ROI). As for tbred players, it was not particularly close, with Zwiebel dominating with a $3.37 ROI and 28.17% win percentage – very nice! Congratulations Frankie and Victoria, and to all of our HOTM winners this quarter!

NFL Weekly Buy-In

Last we wrote, we had completed week 14 of our weekly buy-in series. Who won the final three weeks? Let’s take a look…

Week 15 – Eleven players entered. The Fixer went a perfect 6-0, and Tamaharbor at 5-1 finished as the runner-up.
• Week 16 – Nine players entered. Boss Hoss and The Fixer both finished 4-2, and it would go to the Monday Night tiebreaker. Boss Hoss wins with the closest over/under prediction for the Steelers-Texans game.
Week 17 – Nine players entered. WinHarness and Tamaharbor both finished 4-2, and it would go to the Sunday afternoon tiebreaker. WinHarness wins with the closest over/under prediction for the Chiefs-Broncos game.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks to everybody who played this fall. On the second page of the Week 17 thread, WinHarness posted the final cumulative standings for the season. Keep an eye out for announcements for contests for the playoffs.

Without further ado, let’s move on into the awards ceremony for Q4…

Harness Handicapping Award Winners

Top Handicapper

FPL – 30.20%, $2.11 “Awesome showing Frankie! Very nice bounce-back quarter in the harness circuit. Frankie you were the only player to finish at 30%, very impressive!, Cam

Highest ROI

FPL – $2.11 “You had an excellent ROI as well, consistently picking winners. As the only qualifier above $2.00, you had some great picks this quarter!” An outstanding performance, you rocked Q4 and earned the top honors…by Cam

Best Bet Highest Win Percentage

Cam – 50.00% “This was one of the tougher quarters for best bets on our site. With a lot of sloppy tracks, difficult fields, and shifting tracks, it was difficult to consistently find a best bet. You were the class of the field this quarter, terrific capping Frankie!”

Best Bet Highest ROI

FPL – $2.19 “As we mentioned above, best bets on the harness circuit were tough this quarter, so win percentages came down, and consequently so did payouts. Nice job Frankie getting good prices even this quarter.” No doubt, a runaway performance, Frankie very impressive Q4! by Cam

Most Improved Player

This quarter, honors go to Victoria. This quarter, she had the top ROI overall on both circuits, $2.36 for harness cards and $2.07 for thoroughbreds! That’s pretty incredible, and if you bet your picks, you probably made a pretty penny! Get those win percentages a little higher in Q1 2018, and you could sweep top honors. Best of luck Victoria, congratulations!

Thoroughbred Handicapping Award Winners

Top Handicapper

Mark – 28.86%, $1.84 “This was another damn hard quarter for the tbreds. You had the top percentage among all players, and that is saying a lot with the tough cards we faced. WTG Mark, great capping!”

Highest ROI

Mark – $1.84 “With your strong showing, you also earn the sweep here. Terrific job Mark managing the highest ROI of all qualifiers, pretty much everybody else struggled, racing was very difficult on the tbred circuit in Q4. Good luck in 2018”

Best Bet Highest Win Percentage

Cam – 65.00% “Amazing job, you managed to win this category on both circuits! This one wasn’t close, you won it by nearly 20 percent over the nearest competitor. Great work Frankie!”

Best Bet Highest ROI

Cam – $2.64 “Great work this quarter in this category, this is a very high ROI, and if you were wagering on your best bets, that’s a nice profit. Terrific performance sweeping the tbred best bet categories!”

Valboro – $2.96 “Strong showing in this category this quarter, and excellent all-around play in both circuits! Congratulations on your first award, you’re sure to earn many more. Good luck in 2018!”

Congratulations to players earning awards in Q4 2017!

All stats are complete, and all awards are handed out. Q1 in 2018 should be even more exciting, if you have any suggestions, let us know! Contact Cam, WinHarness, or FPL, and share your ideas! The Wire belongs to everybody, and all contributions are welcome!

Thank you everybody for making Q4 exciting – onto Q1 and 2018, and more fun!!!

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