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Hey Wire Gang!

Every week we will send out our regular recap that will feature top handicappers for harness and thoroughbred along with any other accolades at the Winners Wire.

Been a while since the last update – we have a lot of catching up to do!

Weekly Buy In Contest Results

Since our last writing, there have been four buy-ins. Let’s take a look back, and celebrate the winners…

First up was November 18th at Pocono Downs. We had a nice eleven player pool, with $50 up for grabs. Cam started out strong, jumping out to a lead immediately, and holding on through 5. The Fixer would take the lead in the 6th, and Valboro would jump up in front after 10. All three juggled the top three positions in the standings throughout the night, but a nice place payout in the finale would give it to Fixer. Great playing Frankie, and nice capping by Val and Cam!

We followed up a couple days after Thanksgiving with a tbred buy-in at Churchill. This was a tough card, and wins were hard to come by. Several players would swap spots in the standings, with Cam, FPL, Zwiebel, and Real Q shuffling positions. It was a tight affair, and in the end, Cam would come out on top, with his five wins and $77.90 leading the way. Congrats Frankie, and strong playing by the others who kept it close!

Next, back to the harness circuit. We played at Yonkers on December 2nd, with another strong eleven-player field. As is usually the case for buy-ins, wins were once again hard to come by. Three players had at least four wins, and all three finished in the top four in the standings. It would come down to Acetime and Mark, who would be separated by $2.60 in the final standings. A big win the eleventh would be the difference, and pushed Mark ahead. Congrats Mark, and nice going Archie!

We were going to play at Yonkers again last Saturday for our buy-in, but due to the card being cancelled, we moved the competition to Woodbine on Sunday. FPL took the lead right off the bat, and would maintain a narrow edge through the 6th. With a high paying win in the 7th, and two high paying places in the 8th and 9th, he’d build up a strong cushion. Boss Hoss gave it a good run, and came within a few bucks of the lead, finishing in a close second, $105.80-$93.30. Congrats Frankie on the win, and terrific showing Hoss in your first buy-in!

No Favorite Challenge and Team KOTH

As of our last writing, we were heading into the finale of the No Favorite Challenge. Going in, the top three in the standings were Zwiebel – $257.80, WinHarness – $256.80, Cam – $255.60. In the final card, several players had strong showings, that would move them up in the leaderboard. Acetime posted $64.00 and moved up to 3rd, Mark posted $73.60 and moved up to 2nd, and lastly, WinHarness would add $65.20 to move from second to first. Great showings by Archie and Mark, and congratulations Gooch on the winning the inaugural No Favorite Challenge!

In the past couple weeks, we brought back the popular Team KOTH competition. It would span four cards:

Day one: At Woodbine on 11/30, six teams entered, and we eliminated one. The top performing team was Tiger/Acetime, with a total of $139.80. WinHarness/EdZone were the first to be eliminated.

Day two: At Yonkers on 12/2, five teams remained, and one more was eliminated. The top performing team was Tiger/Acetime, with a total of $137.10. This time, Johndav/Fixer would be eliminated.

Day three: At Meadowlands on 12/7, four teams remained, and two were eliminated. The top performing team was Tiger/Acetime, with a total of $148.80. This time, Mark/Zwiebel and Real Q/Valboro were eliminated.

Day four (final): At Flamboro on 12/14, the final two teams faced off. Tiger/Acetime would edge out Cam/FPL by a margin of $120.50-$110.30, to win the competition.

What an impressive run! Tiger and Acetime were the highest scoring team, in each round – how about that! Congratulations George and Archie, Team KOTH Champions! Nice run by Cam and FPL to take second place.

NFL Weekly Buy In

Time to take a look at how our weekly NFL buy-ins have gone the last few Sundays:

Week 11 – Nine players entered. Oneg would run away with it with a 5-1 record.
Week 12 – Ten players entered. Oneg, Tamaharbor, 5Star all were 5-1 and had a threeway tiebreaker, and Tamaharbor would win on Monday Night with the closest over/under.
Week 13 – Nine players entered. Another 5-1 runaway, this time Boss Hoss took the W.
Week 14 – Nine players entered. Oneg went 5-1 again, for his fourth win of the season.

Congrats to Oneg, Boss Hoss, and Tamaharbor on your recent wins! The thread for Week 15 is up.

HOTM Update

We have winners to announce for November! On the harness circuit, Tiger had the best November, with a $2.24 ROI and 41.67% win percentage. Both staggering figures that led all cappers. As for the tbreds, Mark posted a $2.24 ROI and 28.38% win percentage, both figures also leading all players. Congratulations George and Mark on winning HOTM for November, tremendous playing!

Still lots of racing left in December left, but as of today, Tiger ($2.73 ROI and 38.71% win percentage, both top figures for all players) and Zwiebel (#1 $2.75 ROI, and a strong 26.47% win percentage) are the current leaders. Best of luck to both George and Victoria, and to all other players!

Top Handicappers of the Week

Harness Handicapper of the Week: It’s no surprise since he’s been on such a hot streak the last month and a half, but Tiger earns honors this week. In the past week he has a $3.59 ROI and 47.37% win percentage. George, you’re really killing it recently! Congrats on HOTM and the Team KOTH wins!

Thoroughbred Handicapper of the Week: As for our thoroughbred players, Valboro is the clear top player from the past weekend. He had a 33.33% win percentage that was second highest, and a $2.73 ROI that leads all players by a mile in this period. Outstanding playing Val!

Long Shot of the Week: Take a deep breath, this has been a long recap, but we’re almost done here. Last but certainly not least, let’s take a look at the top paying pick in the past week. This time, mention goes to Tiger and FPL, both of whom hit big on #4 Always A Diamond last Thursday at the Big M. The horse paid $18.40 to win, and by hitting on it, both helped lead their teams to the next round in Team KOTH. Great pick, George and Frankie!

That’s all for this edition! For many people in the South and West, this is the first time in a long time they’re seeing snow. Stay safe, and try and stay warm in the cold!

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