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Hey Wire Gang!

Every week we will send out our regular recap that will feature top handicappers for harness and thoroughbred along with any other accolades at the Winners Wire.

Weekly Sponsored/Buy In Contest Results

Hey all! Q3 is off to a tremendous start. We’ve held a couple of exciting buy-ins the past two weeks.

First up was a contest sponsored by The Fixer. Eight players competed for the pot at the Big M last Saturday. Cam got off to a quick start, before kdmfox took the lead in the third. His position at the top of the leaderboard would hold strong, though things got close in the eighth when Cam got it down to single digits. WinHarness and The Fixer would also come close in the end, but kdmfox‘s lead was a bit much to overcome, and he walked to victory. Congratulations Ken, and thanks Frankie The Fixer for kicking in!

We followed this up Saturday with a contest sponsored by the Wire, also at the Meadowlands. We had nine players participating, and this one was a bit closer. Scores were low to start, and a number of players juggled the top spot: WinHarness, Acetime, 5Star, LAP. In the fourth, Zwiebel would take the lead, and would hold onto first place through the ninth. In the tenth however, both FPL and The Fixer would jump out to the front of the pack, and would finish in first and second with totals of $99.50 and $86.50 respectively. Congratulations Frankie on the win!

King of the Hill and Player’s Challenge

We finished the final contest of Q2, and are off to a quick beginning to Q3. We have stuck with a formula for success, playing our ongoing contests during our Thursday cards. We finished off King of the Hill a couple weeks back. The final two players standing – Real Q and The Fixer – both had emerged as the class of the competition, and there was much anticipation for the championship match. It was a battle fought in the trenches at Mohawk, a low-scoring affair. For the card, The Fixer closed with two wins, three places; Real Q had one win, but five places, and would edge out the victory with a total of $29.70-$25.80. Congratulations Peter on the big win, and nice playing in the competition by Fixer!

For those players who love competitions, we’re heading into the second week of the popular Player’s Challenge! The pool is $80, and after the first day of competition last Thursday at Mohawk, Acetime and WinHarness are tied for the lead at 5 points apiece. Nice job on the strong start by Archie and Paul, and best of luck to all competitors!

HOTM Update

Let’s take a look at how both circuits are shaping up for July! The harness players are led by The Fixer, currently at a 37.50% win percentage and $2.44 ROI. Other players with particularly good starts to the quarter are Cam (36.96%), 5Star (30.36%), Mark (39.13%), and WinHarness (37.50%). How about the tbreds? So far WinHarness is looking solid, with a 27.08% win percentage and $2.03 ROI. Jesse (33.33%) and Mark (36.11%) also doing well in July. Best of luck to Frankie The Fixer and Paul, and to all of those chasing them!

Top Handicappers of the Week

Harness Handicapper of the Week: After starting the quarter week off slow, FPL earns top honors as top handicapper of the week. His 40.91% win percentage was tied for first, and his $3.64 ROI led all players. Nice capping Frankie!

Thoroughbred Handicapper of the Week: As for the tbreds, only one card played last week, and Jesse came out on top. He had five wins for $26.00 last Saturday at Laurel, an ROI of $2.36. WTG Jesse!

Long Shot of the Week: Last but not least, time to honor the top payout of the week! This edition, we look to Saturday’s card at the Big M. In the 10th race, both Frankie The Fixer and FPL had the winner, #1 Mach It So. It paid $34.60 to win, and $53.40 across the board. What a payout! No surprise they had the top two scores in the Buy In. Awesome pick guys!

That’s all! Try and stay cool in the hot summer weather!

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