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Hey Wire Gang!

Every week we will send out our regular recap that will feature top handicappers for harness and thoroughbred along with any other accolades at the Winners Wire.

Weekly Sponsored/Buy In Contest Results

Mid-way into August, and about halfway into Q3. Here’s what’s been happening at the Wire…

The first of two contest we’ve held in the past couple weeks was a special $10 entry at the Big M on August 5th. It was a very solid pot, with ten players, as well as a $25 kick-in from Zwiebel. The occasion was Hambletonian, the 92nd such edition of the first leg of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters. It was a 16-race card, and through the first eight races, wins were very hard to come by. 5Star led with 4/8, and nobody else had more than two wins to that point in the card. In the 9th, The Fixer began his charge in the 9th with a strong win. He had already accumulated $49 across the board in the first half, but in the second half, with back-to-back wins to close out the night, he earned $68.40, giving him $117.40 enough to beat the next highest scorer by $29.80. Congratulations Frankie on the big win, and thanks Victoria for kicking in this week!

For those who missed out on the big race, check out the replay! We won’t spoil the winner.

Following up, this past Saturday, we held our weekly contest in Texas, on the occasion of the Arlington Million. This contest garnered 11 players as participants, with The Fixer kicking in $25 to the pot. 5Star started off strong with a hit in the first, and would build a strong lead, winning four of the first five races, three of which paid double-digit figures to win. It was looking close, but then Shenanigans blew up the leaderboard with a massive hit in the 8th, that would put her out of reach from the field. 5Star and Tiger Rose – who rounded out the final top three – would put up admirable performances, both finishing well over $100, but Shenan‘s ridiculous total of $197.90 across-the-board prevented it from being competitive. Congratulations Dora on the huge win, and thanks again Fixer for sponsoring!

Here’s the replay. Again, we won’t spoil the results!

Player’s Challenge

Tonight is the final card of the competition, and by the time you receive this message, the final night of the Player’s Challenge will already be underway! The top four heading into the finale:

WinHarness – 39 points
Acetime – 37 Points
LAP_520 – 31 points
Cam – 29 points

Good luck everyone tonight at Mohawk!

HOTM Update

We’re a couple weeks into August competition, and the HOTM picture is shaping up. Among harness players, Mark has stood out so far. His $2.28 ROI in August leads all players, and he has a very strong 33.3% win percentage in the month as well. WinHarness is close – with a $1.93 ROI and 37.8% win percentage. Best of luck to both players in the second half of the month.

As for the tbreds, it’s pretty wide open. Shenanigans has the strongest ROI at $3.57, though her win percentage is a little below the requirement for the competition. Among players with both the number of starts and win percentage to qualify, WinHarness leads, with a 28.57% win percentage in the month (tops all players), and a $2.03 ROI. Good luck to everyone in the duration of the month!

Top Handicappers of the Week

Harness Handicapper of the Week: En route to his taking of the top spot in HOTM, Mark also had the strongest week of all harness players. His 45% win percentage and $3.97 ROI both led the field in that period. WTG Mark!

Thoroughbred Handicapper of the Week: On the tbred side, there is no question the top player this week was Shenanigans. There are no words to describe her ridiculous performance, to the tune of a $5.61 ROI on the weekend. Take a bow, Dora!

Long Shot of the Week: With an ATB score as strong as she put together, it’s no surprise that Shenanigans accounted for the top long shot this week. At Arlington Park Saturday, her selection in the 8th race, the #3 horse Harmac, put up a tremendous $56.40 (!!!) to win. The payouts were so high in the contest, that the cap rules were still in effect. Even given that, Dora still put up nearly $200 in the contest. Wow – Amazing Stuff!

Enjoy the Summer everybody! Go to the beach, have a bbq, play some golf, hang out with family and friends. Above all, enjoy the sun!

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