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Hey Wire Gang!

Every week we will send out our regular recap that will feature top handicappers for harness and thoroughbred along with any other accolades at the Winners Wire.

Weekly Sponsored/Buy In Contest Results

We’re a couple weeks into September. Let’s check in on how things are going, starting with the buy-ins…

First up, we played at Yonkers on September 2nd. Ten players participated, on the occasion of two major races: The Yonkers Trot and Messenger Stakes – both legs of the respective Triple Crowns of Harness Racing, for Trotters and Pacers. There was terrific racing up and down the card, with a good number of races with large purses. There were some standout performances – Real Q was the runner up with $82.90 and five wins and several others close behind, but the story of the night was LAP. He dominated with 7 wins for $123.30, over fifty dollars (!!!) clear of the field. Congratulations Larry on the huge win!

For those who missed the races, check out the Yonkers Trot and Messenger Stakes replays.

Next, this past Saturday we held our buy-in at Pocono, always a popular track that we’ve been playing more recently. Nobody had a seven win night, but there were a number of players who performed pretty well on a tough card. This was also a remarkably close contest, with the top three players finishing within $6.50 of one another. Cam finished in third with $100.40, Zwiebel the runner-up with $103.40, and The Fixer with $106.90. Congratulations Frankie on the win, very very nice showing at Pocono!

TBred Ladder Contest

We’re a couple days into the first edition of our fun new contest the TBred Ladder Contest. Thirteen players entered, and we’ve held two rounds so far. The first day was at Saratoga, with ten players locked into five matchups, and three players drawing byes (Shenan, Zwiebel, Tiger). LAP, WinHarness, Fixer, Real Q, and Valboro would all win their matchups, and continue on to the winners bracket. As per the rules of the contest, players who lost their first round matchups move to a separate bracket, the winner of which will face the last survivor in the winners bracket.

Day two at Kentucky Downs matched up the eight to move on in the winners bracket from the first round, with LAP, Real Q, Valboro and Tiger continuing on there. The four players who lost will move on to the loser bracket, where the winner will have the opportunity to play for the title. Good luck to everyone in the next round upcoming!

NFL Weekly Buy In

We have Week 1 of the NFL Season in the books, and we’re happy to announce the results of the first week of our weekly buy-in series. Nine players entered, all picking six races and a tiebreaker for the pot. It was a tough week, and four wins was enough to earn a place in the tiebreaker, the first game of Monday Night Football. Jack and FPL were the final two standing, and the former would put it away by emerging with the closest guess for Monday’s over/under. Congrats Jack! The Week 2 thread is up, check it out!

HOTM Update

We’ve begun the September HOTM competition, the final of Q3. First, of Harness Players, so far The Fixer is the man to beat. Through three cards in September, he has a $2.10 ROI on a 30.56% win percentage. As for the Thoroughbreds, of qualifiers, WinHarness currently leads. He has a $2.03 ROI and 31.71% win percentage. Good luck to both Frankie and Gooch in the second half of September!

Top Handicappers of the Week

Harness Handicapper of the Week: This past week, Cam was the class of the field. He put up a strong 41.67% and fantastic $3.68 ROI. Excellent capping Frankie!

Thoroughbred Handicapper of the Week: Cam makes it a double this week, as he also is the top tbred player. His $3.45 led everyone, and he had a great 40% win percentage. Outstanding playing Frankie!

Long Shot of the Week: Last but not least, it’s time to see who had the top paying horse in the past week. Interestingly enough, three players share honors – The Fixer, Zwiebel, and Cam. All three picked correctly on the #4 Horse, Baby Kitty, at Pocono for this past week’s buy in. It paid $23.00 to win, and $34.20 across the board. Unsurprisingly, all three finished in the top three in the buy-in. Awesome pick guys!

That’s all, enjoy the last couple weeks of Summer, Wire friends!

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