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Hey Wire Gang!

Every week we will send out our regular recap that will feature top handicappers for harness and thoroughbred along with any other accolades at the Winners Wire.

Weekly Sponsored/Buy In Contest Results

August is now in the books! We’ve had a couple of exciting buy-ins on the thoroughbred circuit the past couple Saturdays…

First up was a buy-in sponsored by WinHarness, at Del Mar. We had eleven players participating, which set us up for a nice pool. Oneg and Tiger took the lead right away, and they would hold onto the top two spots for quite some time, through seven races. Zwiebel would get into the mix in the eighth, taking second behind Oneg, after chipping away in the standings, before Tiger pounced right to the top once again in the ninth. He would stay there, and in the end, would walk away with the win, finishing at $87.10. Congratulations George on the win, and thanks again Paul for sponsoring!

We followed up with another fun one, a huge contest this past Saturday at Saratoga. The occasion this time, the storied Travers Day competition. We got twelve players to participate, for a total pot of $120. Zwiebel grabbed first place early, and would be the player to beat for the first four. A big, big hit by Valboro in the fifth gave him the lead, which he’d hold until LAP took control in the eighth. A few would come close again – Zwiebel and Valboro making another run, as well as Cam and FPL – but LAP put it away with two wins and two places in the final four races. He would finish with a $97.70 total across the board, nearly forty dollars clear of his closest competitor. WTG Larry, awesome showing!

The highlight of the day was the Grade 1 Travers Stakes in R11. For those who missed the racing, check out the replay!

Player’s Challenge

The latest Player’s Challenge has reached its conclusion! Last we left off, we were heading into the finale at Mohawk, with four players  having a reasonable chance to walk away with the title: WinHarness (39 points), AceTime (37 points),  LAP_520 (31 points), and Cam (29 points). The closing score would be close, with both WinHarness and AceTime earning eight points apiece. In our closest Player’s Challenge yet, congratulations Paul on the win, and great playing by Archie!

Our next contest begins tomorrow! The TBred Latter Contest begins Saturday at Saratoga. If you need a refresher on the rules, or want to check out the matchups, see the official thread.

NFL Weekly Buy In

That’s right – the popular weekly contest returns! If you’re interested, check out this thread and post to let us know!

HOTM Update

The competitions for both circuits have reached their conclusions!

Among harness players, the top performer in August was Mark. His $2.44 ROI led all players, and he also put up an impressive 36.63%. Honorable mention to WinHarness, who put up a $2.18 ROI that was second only to Mark, and a terrific 41.58% win percentage in the month. Congratulations Mark!

As for thoroughbreds, this month, unfortunately nobody met the minimum requirements – 60 picks and a 25% win percentage. Of the players with the requisite number of picks, WinHarness had the highest win percentage (22.73%), and Shenan had the highest ROI ($2.96). A tough month, let’s bounce back in September!

Top Handicappers of the Week

Harness Handicapper of the Week: Of members who played both harness cards last week, The Fixer had the top performance. He had a $2.82 ROI and a 41.67% win percentage, the highest ROI of all qualifying players. WTG Frankie!

Thoroughbred Handicapper of the Week: Only one card last weekend, so with his strong performance at the Travers, LAP earned top honors. WTG Larry!

Long Shot of the Week: Who has had the top payout since we last checked in? Look no further than Pocono Downs recently. In the second race, #4 Crafty Master won, and paid out $22.60. Several players had the winner: Tiger, Real Q, and Zwiebel all cashed in. Excellent selection guys!

September’s here, enjoy the rest of the Summer!

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