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Yonkers Raceway will no longer be streamed on TVGs network according to a recent report on DRF. This move will allow Yonkers Raceway to offer better programming and rebates for its racing fans. It will also save Yonkers Raceway money.

According to SOA President Joe Faraldo, it took 1 1/2 years to convince Yonkers and finally get Racing Board approval for the switch.

“We pay a smaller rate now,” said Faraldo on the deal with eBet. “With the money we were giving to TVG, we can do our own rebates to attract customers. It allows the horsemen and the track to participate in controlling our own destiny.”

TVG has really taken a back seat to harness racing and I think this move is a good one. TVG also shut down their community forums a few months ago leaving their loyal fans in the dark. Not a good move to increase membership and a fan base. I guess the folks running TVG really have no clue about what racing fans really want.

Yonkers Racing will not be available on eBets until they go through some beta testing to ensure all systems are working correctly. Meetings between Yonkers and eBet are still ongoing and a beta test of the site is required before NYSRWB will give final approval.

The Empire strikes back!