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Can You Catch A Dream Horse BDO?

Black Desert Online (BDO) is an MMORPG that allows players to capture and breed wild horses. A Dream Horse is a special breed of horse in the BDO world that is said to have magical properties. These horses are highly sought after by players as they are considered to be the pinnacle of horse breeding.

What Makes a Dream Horse Special?

Dream Horses have a unique set of characteristics that make them stand out from other horses in the game. These horses are incredibly rare, and can only be obtained from breeding two specific types of horses.

Dream Horses possess higher stats than other horses, making them much faster and more powerful than their counterparts. They also come with special abilities, such as increased stamina and the ability to heal themselves.

How to Catch a Dream Horse

Dream Horses can be caught in the wild, but the chances of finding one are slim. Players can increase their chances of finding a Dream Horse by capturing and breeding specific types of horses.

Where to Find Dream Horses

Dream Horses can be found in several locations throughout the game world. Players can search for them in the wild or in stables, where they are usually found in higher numbers.

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What Types of Horses to Look For

Players should look for horses with high stats and special abilities. These horses are usually found in stables or in the wild, and they can be identified by their unique appearance.

How to Breed a Dream Horse

Players can breed Dream Horses by combining two specific types of horses. The most popular method is to breed two horses with high stats and special abilities.

How to Train a Dream Horse

Once a player has obtained a Dream Horse, they can train it to become even more powerful. This can be done through various activities, such as racing, jumping, and more.

How to Care for a Dream Horse

Dream Horses require special care, as they are more delicate than other horses. Players should make sure to feed their horse regularly, as well as groom it and provide it with enough rest.

How to Sell a Dream Horse

Dream Horses can be sold for a high price, as they are rare and highly sought after. Players can sell their horses on the in-game market or through auctions.


Catching a Dream Horse in BDO is no easy feat, but with enough dedication and patience, it is possible. Players should take their time to find the right horse and train it to its fullest potential in order to maximize their rewards. With the right amount of effort, players can obtain a powerful and magical Dream Horse that will serve them well in their adventures in the world of BDO.