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NYSRW Cracking Down on Trainers!

The New York State Racing and Wagering Board (NYSRW) is stepping it up to ensure that the sport of harness racing is on the up and up. There are rumors flying around the racing community about letters being sent to trainers about Afrin positives.

It looks like some trainers have been using Afrin as a performance enchasing drug. It seems like a small time drug and it is considered a class 4 drug by the NYSRW. I can’t confirm the class rating, but if some one knows for sure how they rate certain drugs and apply penalties for positive testing, please share.

Oxymetazoline is available over-the-counter as a topical decongestant in the form of Oxymetazoline hydrochloride in nasal sprays such as Afrin, Sudafed OM, Dristan, Dimetapp, Vicks Sinex, and Mucinex Full Force.

There’s speculation that the following suspensions have been handed out in June 2011;

Joe Anderson 135 days
Paul Blumenfeld 240 days
Rob Harmon 240 days
Mike Vanderkamp 60 days
Frank Calagni 60 days
Johnson (no first name indicated) 60 days

I am glad the NYSRW is cracking down to keep this sport on a level playing field even if the drug that’s being targeted is a low class drug. Let’s hope that Lou Pena is playing fair as this sport doesn’t need anymore blemishes.

There’s been a lot of talk about Lou Pena doping horses. He is the top trainer at Yonkers and that alone will put you in the cross hairs when it comes to rumors and speculation for doping horses.

Posted by Born Loser – I find it very hard, that Pena can get away with what he is doing, and they go after trainers that are just trying to compete. Afrin is nothing, not compared to what Pena is doing, I guess the racing system is political also…kill the Pena that has ruined the racing, and let the trainers that take real care of the horses alone!

Pretty harsh comments, but there are a lot of negative comments about Lou Pena on many other harness racing forums.