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Do Texas People Ride Horses?

The Lone Star State of Texas is known for its wild west heritage, and one of the most iconic symbols of the wild west is the horse. Horses have been a part of Texas life for centuries, and Texans have been riding them since the days of the cowboys. So, do Texas people ride horses? The answer is yes, Texans do ride horses, but not in the way you may think.

History of Horses in Texas

Horses have been a part of Texas life since the Spanish first brought horses to the area in the 1500s. Horses were used by Native Americans to hunt and travel, and they were also used by settlers to get around the vast expanse of the state. By the mid-1800s, horses were an essential part of life in Texas, and Texans had developed their own style of horsemanship, known as the Texas two-step. This style of riding became popular among cowboys, who used it to rope cattle and other livestock.

Modern Horse Riding in Texas

Today, Texans still ride horses, but the way they ride has changed. Horseback riding is now a popular recreational activity in Texas, and there are a variety of riding styles that Texans enjoy, from English to Western. Texans also enjoy competing in rodeos, barrel racing, and other equestrian sports.

Texas Horse Breeds

Texas is home to a variety of horse breeds that have been specially bred for the state’s climate and terrain. Some of the most popular breeds include the Texas Longhorn, the American Quarter Horse, and the American Paint Horse. These breeds are known for their hardiness, intelligence, and versatility, making them ideal for a variety of activities, from ranch work to recreational riding.

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Horse Racing in Texas

Horse racing is a popular sport in Texas, and there are a variety of tracks throughout the state, from the famous Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie to the Retama Park Race Track in Selma. Horse racing is a thrilling and exciting sport, and Texans love gathering to watch the thrilling races.

Educational Horse Riding Programs

Texas has a number of educational horse riding programs that teach people the basics of horsemanship and riding. These programs are designed to help people of all ages and experience levels learn the fundamentals of horse riding, from grooming and saddling to riding and competing.

Horse Trails and Ranches

The abundance of open space in Texas makes it a great place for horseback riding. There are a variety of horse trails and ranches throughout the state, from the Hill Country to Big Bend National Park. These trails and ranches offer a variety of scenic vistas and experiences, making them perfect for a day of riding.

Horse Riding Events and Festivals

Texas is also home to a variety of horse riding events and festivals, from rodeos to trail rides. These events are popular among Texans, who gather to watch the thrilling events and show off their skills.


In conclusion, Texans do ride horses, but the way they ride has changed over the years. Texans still enjoy horseback riding as a recreational activity, competing in rodeos and barrel racing, and taking part in educational horse riding programs. Texans also enjoy horse racing and attending horse riding events and festivals. So, whether you’re looking for a thrilling ride or a peaceful trail, Texans have plenty of options when it comes to horseback riding.

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