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Does Colorado Have a Horse Race Track?

Horse racing is a beloved pastime in many parts of the world. It is a popular spectator sport that has been around for centuries, and it continues to be enjoyed by many today. Colorado is no exception. While there are no major horse race tracks in Colorado, there are a few smaller venues scattered throughout the state that offer races throughout the year.

History of Horse Racing in Colorado

Horse racing has been a part of Colorado’s culture since the 1800s. The first horse racing track in the state was built in 1872 in Pueblo. It was a one-mile track and was used for both horse racing and chariot racing. Eventually, horse racing became more popular and the track was expanded to accommodate larger crowds.

In the early 1900s, horse racing tracks began popping up all over Colorado, from Denver to Grand Junction. These tracks were primarily quarter-mile tracks and were used for both racing and training. Many of these tracks have since been converted into parks or other recreational areas.

Modern Horse Racing in Colorado

Today, horse racing in Colorado is limited to a handful of smaller tracks. The most popular of these tracks is Arapahoe Park in Aurora, which offers live racing from late May to early October. The track also hosts simulcast racing year-round, allowing bettors to wager on horse races from around the country.

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Arapahoe Park is the only track in Colorado that offers live horse racing. There are, however, several other smaller tracks throughout the state that offer simulcast racing. These include the Pikes Peak Racing & Entertainment Park in Colorado Springs, the Rocky Mountain Turf Club in Grand Junction, and the Mile High Racing & Entertainment Park in Sheridan.

Betting on Horse Races in Colorado

Betting on horse races is legal in Colorado. The state has a long history of gambling, and it is one of the few states that allows both live and simulcast betting. Horse race betting is regulated by the Colorado Racing Commission, which sets the rules and regulations for all racetracks in the state.

Horse Racing Events in Colorado

The Arapahoe Park race track hosts several major events throughout the year. These include the Colorado Derby, the Colorado Oaks, and the Colorado Mile. The track also hosts several smaller stakes races, as well as a variety of special events and promotions.


Colorado may not have a major horse race track, but it does have a few smaller tracks that offer live and simulcast racing throughout the year. Betting on horse races is legal in Colorado, and the state’s racing commission sets the rules and regulations for all racetracks in the state. For those looking to experience the excitement of horse racing in Colorado, Arapahoe Park is a great place to start.