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Queen Elizabeth II and Her Favorite Horse Breed

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of horses and has been riding for decades. Her Majesty has ridden many different breeds of horses, but her favorite breed is the Fell Pony. This article will discuss the Queen’s relationship with the Fell Pony and why it is her go-to horse for riding.

History of the Fell Pony

The Fell Pony is native to the mountainous region of the north-west of England, from which it derives its name. The Fell Pony is a versatile breed of horse that has been used for centuries as a draft, light riding, and pack horse. It is thought to be descended from the Norse pony and was bred by farmers in the fells of Cumbria and Northumberland.

The Fell Pony was used extensively by farmers throughout England, particularly in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, as they were able to handle the steep, rocky terrain of the area. The breed was also used by pack horsemen and drovers, who moved livestock over long distances. The Fell Pony was used by the Royal Army during World War II, and Queen Elizabeth II and her father King George VI both had Fell Ponies as children.

Queen Elizabeth’s Relationship with the Fell Pony

Queen Elizabeth II has had a lifelong passion for horses and has been riding since she was a young girl. In 1940, she and her sister Princess Margaret were given Fell Ponies by their parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The ponies were named “Peggy” and “Bluebell”, and Queen Elizabeth II has been riding them ever since.

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The Queen’s affection for the Fell Pony has only grown over the years, and she now has a whole stable of them. Her Majesty prefers the Fell Pony for riding because of its strength and agility, which makes it well-suited for the hilly terrain of the English countryside. The Queen also appreciates the Fell Pony’s temperament, as they are known to be gentle and loyal animals.

The Queen has a special bond with her ponies, and she is often seen riding them around the royal grounds. In addition to riding, the Queen also enjoys driving a carriage pulled by a team of Fell Ponies. The Queen is often seen attending events with her Fell Ponies, such as the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Royal Ascot.


Queen Elizabeth II has been riding Fell Ponies for almost 80 years, and it is clear that she has a special bond with them. The Fell Pony is her favorite horse breed because of its strength, agility, and gentle nature, which make it the perfect horse for riding and driving. The Queen is often seen riding her Fell Ponies around the royal grounds, and she also enjoys attending events with them. The Queen’s love of Fell Ponies is a testament to the breed’s versatility and loyalty.