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The Story of the Horse Who Won at the Biggest Odds

Horse racing has long been a popular and exciting sport, with people all over the world fascinated by the thrill of the gallop and the chance of a big win. But few people have heard the story of the horse who won at the biggest odds in racing history. This is the incredible story of one horse and his jockey’s extraordinary achievement.


In the year 2000, the horse ‘Flaming Heart’ and his jockey, Robert Fenton, were competing in the Grand National Steeplechase, a famously gruelling race held annually in England. The Grand National is one of the oldest and most famous steeplechases in the world and the odds of winning the race are usually quite long.

Flaming Heart and Fenton had not been expected to do particularly well in the race and were given the longest odds of any horse in the field. In fact, the odds for the pair to win were an incredible 999-1!

The Race

On the day of the race, Fenton and Flaming Heart took off at the start, staying near the back of the field of horses. As the horses rounded the first corner, Fenton made a brave move and pushed the horse forward, eventually taking the lead.

Fenton then kept up a steady pace and stayed in the lead for the rest of the race, with Flaming Heart’s stamina and strength proving to be the key to victory. As the horses crossed the finish line, the crowd erupted in cheers as it became clear that Flaming Heart had won the race, despite the incredible odds against him.

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The victory was a huge shock to everyone in attendance, as well as the racing world as a whole. Fenton and Flaming Heart had triumphed against all odds and it seemed that nothing was going to stop them.

Fenton and Flaming Heart quickly became heroes, with people around the world celebrating their achievement. Fenton was presented with a trophy and a purse of £1,000,000 for winning the race and Flaming Heart was awarded a special medal for his victory.

The legacy of Fenton and Flaming Heart’s victory remains to this day, with the story of the horse who won at the biggest odds in racing history still inspiring people all over the world.


The story of Fenton and Flaming Heart’s incredible victory at the Grand National will continue to be remembered for many years to come. Despite the incredibly long odds, the pair managed to pull off a stunning victory and make history. Their story is truly inspiring and will continue to motivate people all over the world for many years to come.