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What Does Calcutta Mean in Horse Racing?

Horse racing is an exciting and popular sport with a long and storied history. It has been part of the human experience for thousands of years, and continues to be enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It is an incredibly complex and nuanced sport, with many different rules and regulations designed to ensure fair and safe racing. One of the most important elements of horse racing is the Calcutta. But what does Calcutta mean in horse racing? In this article, we will explore this important concept in greater detail.

What is a Calcutta?

In its simplest form, a Calcutta is a type of wagering system used in horse racing. It is essentially a pool of money that is collected from the participants in the race. This money is then divided up according to the results of the race. The winner of the race gets the biggest portion of the money, with the rest being distributed among the other participants.

How Does Calcutta Work?

The most common form of Calcutta is a blind auction. All participants in the race will put an amount of money into the pot, which is typically referred to as the “buy-in”. This amount of money is then divided up among all the participants, with the winner receiving the largest portion. This process is similar to a lottery or raffle, as the outcome is determined by luck rather than skill.

The Calcutta is usually conducted before the race itself. This allows the participants to put their money into the pot and then wait to see the outcome of the race. This also allows the participants to assess the chances of each horse in the race and wager accordingly.

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The Benefits of Calcutta

The Calcutta system is beneficial for a number of reasons. For starters, it makes the race much more exciting and competitive. Since the participants have already invested their money in the race, they have a vested interest in the outcome. This creates a heightened sense of excitement as the race progresses.

Furthermore, the Calcutta system creates an opportunity for the participants to win more money than they put in. If they choose the winning horse, they will get back more than they put in. This also encourages participants to research the horses and wager wisely, as this will increase their chances of picking the winning horse.

Finally, the Calcutta system increases the overall prize money for the race. Since the participants are putting money into the pool, there is more money available for the winner. This can lead to larger prize purses and more lucrative purses for the participants.


The Calcutta system is an integral part of horse racing. It is an exciting and rewarding way to wager on a race, as it allows the participants to have a vested interest in the outcome. Furthermore, it creates more money for the winner and encourages smarter wagering. All of these factors make the Calcutta an essential element of horse racing.