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What is a 4 Fold Bet in Horse Racing?

Horse racing is a thrilling and exciting sport that has been enjoyed for centuries. While there are numerous betting options available to punters, one of the most popular is the 4 fold bet. This type of wager involves selecting four horses to finish in the top three in a race, with the bet only winning if all four horses are successful. In this article, we will explore what a 4 fold bet is, how to place one, and the potential rewards.

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What is a 4 Fold Bet?

A 4 fold bet is a type of wager that is placed on four horses to finish in the top three in a race. This type of bet is also known as a ‘four-horse accumulator’ or ‘fourfold selection’. The bet is only successful if all four horses finish in the top three, otherwise it is considered a losing bet.

How to Place a 4 Fold Bet

Placing a 4 fold bet is relatively straightforward. First, the punter must select four horses from the same race to finish in the top three. The punter then needs to decide on the size of their bet, which is usually the minimum stake of £1. The bet is then placed with the bookmaker, and the punter awaits the results of the race.

Advantages of a 4 Fold Bet

There are several advantages to placing a 4 fold bet. Firstly, the potential rewards are much higher than with a single bet, as all four horses must win for the bet to be successful. Secondly, the bet can cover a wide range of horses, allowing the punter to spread their risk and increase their chances of success. Thirdly, the bet is relatively easy to place and understand, making it accessible to even novice punters.

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Disadvantages of a 4 Fold Bet

Despite the advantages of a 4 fold bet, there are also some potential disadvantages. Firstly, the chances of all four horses winning are relatively low, meaning the bet can be difficult to win. Secondly, the potential losses can be high, as the bet requires a large amount of money to be staked. Finally, the bet can be time consuming to place, as the punter needs to research the form of all four horses before betting.


In conclusion, a 4 fold bet is an exciting and potentially lucrative wager that involves selecting four horses to finish in the top three in a race. While the bet can offer large rewards, it can also be difficult to win and carry a large risk of losses. As such, it is important for punters to weigh up the risks and rewards before placing a 4 fold bet.