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What Breed of Horse Does The Witcher Ride?

The popular Netflix series The Witcher has brought viewers into a world of fantastical creatures, superhuman feats, and daring adventures. One of the most important characters in the show is the white-haired protagonist Geralt, who is often seen riding a horse through the countryside. But what breed of horse does Geralt ride throughout the show?

The Origin of Geralt’s Horse

Geralt’s horse is a reference to the horse he rode in the original Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski. The horse was named Roach, and was described by Sapkowski as a “small, grey horse” that was “not particularly handsome or fast.” Roach was a reliable companion for Geralt, and was integral to his adventures.

The Horse in the Netflix Series

In the Netflix series, viewers can see Geralt riding a horse that looks much different than the one described in the books. The horse is a tall, white stallion with a black mane and tail. This horse is not Roach, but is actually a Friesian horse.

The Friesian Horse

The Friesian horse is a breed of horse that originated in the Netherlands, and is known for its impressive stature and regal appearance. The breed is also known for its speed, strength, and intelligence, making it an ideal mount for a Witcher.

The Friesian horse is known for its flowing mane and tail, and the horse seen in The Witcher is an excellent example of this. The horse has a white coat and a black mane and tail, making it instantly recognizable and adding to Geralt’s imposing presence.

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The Friesian Horse in The Witcher

In the show, viewers can see the Friesian horse being used for a variety of tasks. Geralt uses the horse to travel quickly between destinations, and also to fight off enemies and other threats. The horse is also seen in battle, where it displays its impressive strength and speed.

The Friesian horse is also seen being used for more mundane tasks, such as hauling logs and other objects. This shows that the horse is strong and reliable, making it an ideal companion for Geralt.


The Witcher is a show that has captivated viewers with its impressive visuals and compelling story. One of the most recognizable elements of the show is Geralt’s horse, which is a Friesian horse. The Friesian horse is a powerful, intelligent breed of horse that is perfect for a Witcher, and its white coat and black mane and tail make it instantly recognizable. The horse is also used for a variety of tasks, from fighting off enemies to hauling logs, proving it to be a reliable and capable mount for Geralt.